Monday, March 26, 2012

New future Vintage Marketplace dates today!

Big news today- the Vintage Marketplace is a go at our September Extravaganza in Ohio as well as our Fall Show in Nashville/Hendersonville- Tennesssee. The dates for the upcoming shows are Ohio- May 18-20 and Sept. 14-16 and October 25-27 for Tennessee.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

JULZ Brings Her Buckles to Vintage Marketplace!

Julie Broshat
Belt Buckle Embellisher & Vendor
Julie's website: Julz

Julie as we have all seen is a talented young lady when it comes to putting wondeful belt buckles and other fashion accessories together. I am so pleased that she will be joining us at Vintage Marketplace in Springfield, Ohio this May. It promises to be a wonderful event filled fine vendors, great food, and tons of inspiration....not to mention fun!

She's from a family of 6 (4 brothers and a “sista”), wife, and mom to 3 boys. Wow!!! I'm tired already. She's been putz-ing with art for years. When the boys were little they always had a project going. As they got older and didn’t want to make snowman garland, sculpted masks (she still displays and LOVES them), and greeting cards she started coming up with her OWN projects. That eventually led her to embellishing belt buckles. She's always worn belts (needed to for the gaping back of her jeans… know what I mean???)...but they were pretty basic back then. She loves any and all accessories and thought to herself, “why not make a buckle a statement piece”! And that was the start of it all. She now embellishs all sorts of buckles with many different materials…old hardware, other metals, old jewelry and gemstones, rhinestones, and anything else she can find! Each buckle is an original and totally unique. She LOVES what she does and it shows! Now that the boys are in college she has more time to create. Woo Hoo!! She even has a "lucky" skirt she wears at the opening of each show. My how the tables turn!!

Julie's next stop is Vintage Marketplace in Springfield, Ohio. Make sure you pay her a visit while you are there. She'll have you all buckled up before you leave!

Here's a bit about the new "Julz" line from Julie herself!

Coat of Arms:

So weird....I am drawn to them. Possibly because of where I am in my life. It is about empowering myself...dealing with whatever gets thrown my way, etc...

Kind of deep...but art is my form of expression...I just didn't realize that it came out in buckles!!!

Update from the new dealer department!

Let's give a Vintage Marketplace welcome to our latest inductees:

Bootsy McFarland Studio
Bungalow Interiors
déjà vu Boutique
Don & Marta Orwig
Dreamy Décor
Emma Lou Vintage
Lavender & Old Lace
Re-Designing Hussys'
Rusty Nchippy
Salvaged to Sassy
Smith Salvage
STC Finds

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Annie of Grace and Corazon to Grace the Tents of Vintage Marketplace!

Annie de Jongh
Modern Day Hunter/Gatherer & Vendor
Annie's website: Grace and Corazon

Annie is the oldest of 3, a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter...she loves old things, and rusty things, and things in need of rescue...I guess you would say she is a modern day hunter-gatherer. She's inspired by what has been pushed aside and forgotten, pieces with history and the well worn. She'd rather be at a garage sale, thrift store, or auction pawing through junk to find her next inspiration than anywhere else. With her jewelry she hopes to do many things including create soulful pieces, add whimsy and bring the past into the present. Most of her pieces are created with antique European medals, upcycled leather and semi-precious stones. Grace & Corazon brings an eclectic line of jewelry that is quirky and fun rather than serious and predictable! She truly love what she does and it shows in each and every one of her creations!! I know you will love her work as much as I do.

I have to say it was so much fun putting this feature together. Each and every picture I looked at of her new work was better than the last. OK.....they are just all unbelievably stunning. It's going to be difficult for shoppers to make a selection. I suspect folks will have to buy multiples because like Lay's potato can't have just one of Annie's pieces. Make sure not to miss Annie.....a lovely and creative spirit!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jolie Raimondo to Join Vintage Marketplace!

Jolie Raimondo
Artistic Woman & Vendor
Jolie Websites: Jolie Raimondo

Jolie is a decorative painter who's style ranges from folk to french country. She paints furniture,landscapes, animal portraits and more. She lives on a hobby farm in Waverly with her husband Gaston and her two children, Lucas and Olivia.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jolie about one year ago and was immediately impressed with the quality of her work. She has a true talent for painting and is passionate about giving discarded items a beautiful new life.

Jolie paints signs and stunning original paintings on reclaimed wood. It is truly amazing what this talented young lady can do with a piece of scrap wood pulled from the burn pile!

Her folk art pieces are sought after lovelies!!

Her die for! She creates one-of-a kind, affordable art for your home.

I've seen Jolie load up furniture in the rough to take home and transform. Many times I'm thinking to myself...good luck with that on Jolie. Ah, hahaha! She always has the last laugh because I kid you not...the ugly ducklings she picks up are always transformed into swans. Jolie has magic hands!

Jolie is a natural colorist. She knows just which ones to combine creating pieces of work that are saturated with yummy color!

Not only is Jolie talented, but she is a true delight. She always has a smile on her face and her glass is always way more then half full. Please make sure to visit Jolie at Vintage Marketplace. She'll put a smile on your face too. She spreads a whole lot of joy wherever she goes!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Free Stuff and a contest!

The Vintage Marketplace has a problem.  We have a name, but no slogan and I find that fact troubling.  We don’t need a regular slogan, but something funny, silly, irreverent and quirky.  We will give away a wonderful prize package (two free early bird tickets to the Vintage Marketplace Springfield, a signed copy of Sue Whitney’s Junk Beautiful-Outdoor Edition, two Pork Chops from Crazy Uncle Larry’s Pork Chop Roadhouse and two Cream Puffs from Schmidt’s plus a $25 gift certificate to be spent at the show).

All serious entries will be disqualified- this needs to be silly.  To enter, either post your entry as a comment below, go to the Vintage Marketplace page on Facebook and post It there.  The contest will run until we stop laughing at the Entries.  Here is my submission:
The Vintage Marketplace- Don’t come to this show if you are allergic to awesomeness.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thank You!

I'd like to take a quick minute to thank everyone who has been so supportive of the Vintage Marketplace.  The enthusiasm created at our first show in Nashville has been highly contagious.  The vendors who stuck their neck out on a first time show, the customers who came smiling, bought and have been spreading the word deserve a tremendous thank you.  The bloggers, Facebookers and others whose help has been critical in getting the word out also deserve heartfelt thanks.  Those looking forward to our second show at the Springfield Extravaganza (nearly sold out) won't be disappointed.  Thanks to Sue Whitney and the rest of the JunkMarket team and our staff for helping bake this cake.  It's been a breath of fresh air to be able to work on something that is generating this level of excitement.  Stay Tuned- more to come.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Rusty Pumpkin is On Board!

Laura Arensdorf of The Rusty Pumpkin
Purveyor of :
"Uber Cool" Vintage Wares

Laura of The Rusty Pumpkin will be making her way to Vintage Marketplace all the way from her home in Des Moines, Iowa. That is a great thing for all concerned. Laura has one of the most interesting and eclectic mixes of goods I have ever seen. I recently had the pleasure of watching her set up a very original and well orchestrated booth in Minneapolis. Wow! I couldn't wait to see what was coming off the trailer next. From farm goods, to industrial wares, to funky junk, to garden goods....she covers the gamut and she does it with impeccable style! She also incorporates something very important to me. A sense of humor. Her double street sign of "E. Normal"  and "High Street" is HI larious. What a conversation piece for your home! While you are at the show MAKE SURE to visit The Rusty Pumpkin. You are in for a real treat!

There is something for everyone inside The Rusty Pumpkin from bowling pins to fabulous architectural remnants!

Advertising...yep she has it! There's that E. Normal street sign. Ah,hahaha!
Clock faces are always in style! Another fine feature in this booth. You can find stuff in the rough for projects of your own or you can find ready to goes!
Laura works with a welder to help make her creative visions a reality. One thing I spied that was very cool was a ginormous speaker that sat atop a welded base A perfect planter for any patio, porch, or garden! I love the red round (for lack of a better term) thing pictured here. The addition of the legs made it yet another fabulous planter. All it needs is some moss or coco mat and some plants and it's good to go!

You can expect to see color at The Rusty Pumpkin booth mixed with metal, natural wood, and you guessed it....a little bit of rust too! In rust we trust! 

Galvanized metal mixed with red and black is always a winning combination!  
At JMS we put out a "Top Ten" list every year. You'll find that Laura of the Rusty Pumpkin has all of the "Top Ten" picks well covered inside her booth. Welcome aboard Laura! See you in May! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

These just in for the Vintage Marketplace

Here are the latest additions to the Vintage Marketplace lineup, if you are not familiar with them, we'll say "wow" for you.

Bootsy McFarland Studio

Don & Marta Orwig

Dreamy Décor
Lavender & Old Lace

Rust & Rusty Nchippy

Salvaged to Sassy

Smith Salvage

Todd Miller

STC Finds

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lisa of Urban Farmhouse is Back in the Saddle!

"Sharing the Beauty of Vintage" 
Lisa's website:  urban farmhouse  
Lisa's blog: urban farmhouse 

Lisa with her sidekick Wil
The year was 1984 and passersby wondered why there was a young lady in a Honda Prelude with a sideboard/buffet strapped to the roof. At that time, Lisa had no idea that her 30 mile trip travelling 45 miles per hour on a major interstate with a large piece of furniture atop her tiny car would turn into a passion for finding unique and cool items and giving them new life. In fact, this inaugural piece of furniture was eventually sold at urban farmhouse nearly 30 years later after serving as a sideboard in her home, then as a changing table for her niece & nephew, and finally as a catch all in her front hall before finding its way to the shop.

Urban farmhouse’s “mission” is to share the beauty of vintage with all who visit. These pieces last. They withstand families, babies, pets, and even repeated family gatherings and, unlike us, look better as the years roll on. They are meant to be used because each scratch, notch, or dent represents memory and those are invaluable. These things were not meant to be disposable because they were made by craftsmen and can be re-invented and re-loved by someone else. Urban Farmhouse offers visitors the chance to find one of these for themselves and add their memories to the already rich history of these pieces.

There is a certain “feeling” people get when they visit Urban farmhouse. It is less about shopping than it is about finding that certain piece that you didn’t even know you wanted. There is a mix of old and new, things faded and chipped alongside less worn items…just like a family reunion of sorts. The French call it bricolage (using the materials at hand or made from diverse resources) and that is what Lisa strives for. It is about seeing things differently and showing folks that patina is a good thing...for both pieces at auctions and the people who buy them!

When it comes down to it, these pieces are not really different than people. They both have stories to share and Urban Farmhouse is where everyone & everything has a chance to tell them.

We are all so glad that Lisa is coming to Vintage Marketplace in Sprinfield, Ohio. She was a fabulous addition to its sister show in Nashville and we missed her a great deal in Minnesota at JUNKMARKET Under Glass. Lisa has some stories to tell! The poor girl was rushed to the hospital to have a kidney stone removed 4 hours into her trip to Minnesota. Gee whiz.... like a true junker she was texting from her hospital room asking about the show.  Apparently this did not keep our Miss Lisa down for long! She is up and at 'em already!! I know you are all with me when I wish Lisa the best and hope that she contiues to get healthier and stronger every day! 

Take a look at the images from Urban Farmhouse. She takes the same care of her booths as she does her store. Please stop by and get to know Lisa...she's a doll and her booth packs a whole lot of punch when it comes to creativity and style!

See you in Ohio, Lisa. No pitstops this time! :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Histories is Making their Way to Vintage Marketplace!

Tracie and Lee Anderson
Industrial Enthusiasts & Vendors
Lee & Tracie's website:  Histories
Lee & Tracie's facebook Page:  Histories

Lee and Tracie are hitting the road again!! This time from their home in Wisconsin to Sprinfield, Ohio. Woo hoo! I am SO delighted that they will be joining us for the launch of Vintage Marketplace in Springfield. Lee and Tracie are one of most delightful (not to metion talented) couples you'll ever make sure you do! Histories is an offering of home accessories and furniture....of an industrial nature! Bits and parts of diverse backgrounds are blended to create pieces that will tickle you pink. Each creation has its own story to tell. Please take the time to look with your eyes, feel with your hands and listen to your heart, then you will know which piece belongs in your home. They are inspired  by their love of architectural, industrial and primitve elements. Take a peek at some of their unbelievable lighting an overall of their stlyish booth. AMAZING!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pinterest- Springfield and the Vintage Marketplace

For those of you who are hooked on pinning- here are the links to our two Springfield related Pinterest Boards- be sure to re-pin.

Springfield Board

Vintage Marketplace Board

The Wren's Nest New to Vintage Marketplace!

Lisa Greene of The Wren's Nest
Transformer of Discards into Something Beautiful, & Vendor

Lisa Greene of The Wren's Nest is an amazing talent in the world of vintage and she is a delightful woman to boot. I recently had the pleasure of working with her at JUNKMARKET Under Glass and can say on good authority that everyone will enjoy what she has to offer! She has searched Minnesota for wild flowers, grasses and fallen wood…traveled across county and into Mexico, stopping wherever things looked interesting…gathering discards to transform into something beautiful to sell and share…She is inspired by the things she finds and the challenge to re-create them into something to cherish. A passion since she was small, absorbed from two creative parents, She went from Puppet Shows in the Park, to wreaths and potpourri at local markets, owned her own shops in Colorado and Maryland, and now The Wren’s Nest in Anoka. She loves to figure out how to do it…what she can do to make something prettier….that's what warms her heart!

I am delighted that Lisa is taking her show on the road to Vintage Marketplace. Make sure to visit her booth and get to know Lisa while you are at the show. You'll be oh so glad you did. See you in Springfield!!


Love Lisa's twist on the window greenhouse. Remember she likes to make things prettier...this is a great example of how she does it!



A burst of color is what we all need in Spring and that is just what Lisa will give you. I love her soy product! Just looking at this picture puts a "spring" in my step.


Who doesn't need cubbies? I for one can't find enough cubbies to house all of my teeny junk pieces. Ah,hahaha! Maybe I should consider less junk. No thanks...not today!


For those of you who know me I always's all in the details. Let me tell you...Lisa is a detail girl! This vintage basket all done up with grass, ivy and Quail eggs is just one example of the careful thought she puts into her vintage pieces and the way she presents them. Lisa will truly inspire you with all of her creative tips and ideas!

While visiting The Wren's Nest you will find both furniture and accessories. Lisa leaves no stone plan to stay awhile. You'll need to do that in order to soak up all the inspiration she provides!

My job as an author is to create environments that are inviting and that make you want to be there. Lisa understands this concept well. This is an overall image of a booth created by the amazing Lisa. Does it make you want to be there? I thought so. Me too! Lisa does a beautiful job of creating environments packed with the power of pretty!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Erika Friend of Rust and Rusty N Chippy

Please meet Erika Friend, of RUST “A Vintage Vibe & Design” and Rusty NChippy as they are in cahoots at the Vintage Market Place. Erika’s love and passion for all things vintage has enabled her to own an antiques shop; create, promote and sponsor a California antiques market, as well as, selling in various shows from Northern California to Southern California and now Ohio. Erika has also been a long time dealer at the monthly, Alameda Antiques Faire, CA. Check her out on Facebook-

One can find Rusty scouring Southern Ohio barns, and warehouses for anything rusty, painted, or chippy to sell on his FB site by clicking here and at Midwest Memories, Tipp City. One can also enjoy, the fabulous vintage photography via Rusty’s Travels. If you haven’t already befriended these two on FB, please do! Together, Erika & Rusty NChippy aim to provide a fun, vintage and eclectic vibe for the home & garden and just about anything else.

New Arrivals

Nothing like a vintage typewriter to help type up these new additions to the Vintage Marketplace. Photo Courtesy of Nostalgia's Cottage

Gracie's Pantry
Kris's Vintage Clothing
Paris Flea Market
Romantique Boutique
The Butt'ry
The Vintage Farmhouse
The Wren's Nest
Salvaged to Sassy