Thursday, January 31, 2013

Updated Vendor List

Worden Select Objects
Wise Investments
Vividly Vintage
VanDeest Antiques & Art
Urban Farmhouse
Tulip Grove Farm
Tony England
Tom Delach 
Todd Miller
Tiques & Toys
Tim Good
Three French Hens
Thomas M.Rawson Antiques
Then & Again Home Marketplace
The Vintage Farmhouse
The Strawberry Patch
The Little Cowgirl
The Feathered Nest
The Buttry'
That Old House Antiques
Suzanne Baker
Susan Heider Antiques
Steven Peterson
STC Finds
Sonny Ideker, Bookseller
Some Sharp Antiques
Sniktaw Trading Co
Shambora Studios
Selina Vaughn
Sean Davis
Schoolhouse Antiques
School Master Antiques
Sarah Smith
Robert Perry
Robert M. Conrad Antiques
Riverview Antiques
Red Door Antiques
Princeton Antiques
Poor Horse Antiques
Pijnappels LLC
Over Hill Over Dale
Old Shed Antiques
Oakland Art & Antiques
Nicholas Domenick
Mustard House Antiques
Munday & Munday
Monty Young Antiques
ML Fancy Antiques
Michael Weinstein
Michael Weaver
Matthew Ehresman Antiques
Marliyn Angel
Marilyn Haley
Marie Miller Antique Quilts
Man In The moon
Maine Attic Antiques
Lee Moxey
Kracker Barrel Antiques
Kitty & Tony Ables
Kim&Mary Kokles
Kim Logan Antiques
Kennedy's Antiques
Joe Brooder
Joe Bennett
Jo Ann Garrett
Jim Wark Antiques
Jim Hirsheimer
Jelly Cupboard Antiques
Jeff Walton Antiques
Jeff Burnett
Jean & Roy Doty
Higganum House Antiques
Hartman House Antiques
Gypsy Moon
Greg Kramer and Co.
Grace & Corazon
GetFresh Vintage
Gathered Comforts
Fionda Antiques
Edna Hoffman
Easter Hill Antiques
Dragonflies Antiques
Douglas Solliday Antiques
Donna Hood
Donald Sievert
Don & Marta Orwig
Denny Tracey
Dennis & Dad Antiques
David Noll
Dave Zabriskie
Crescent Moon Antiques
Cox's Antque Gallery
Country Folks Antiques
Country Corner
Colleen Frese
City Farmhouse
Cindy Lain
Caulkins House Antiques
Carol Kouyoumdjian
Carol Kern
Bungalow Interiors
Brad Selinger
Blue Ridge Hollow Antiques
Bjorn Borssen
Billy Faulkenberry
Bill Walton Antiques
Bill Powell Antiques
Benting & Jarvis
Barbara Irwin Antiques & Folk Art
Antiques Art 'n Treasures
Antique Underground
American Spirit Antiques
1850 House

Friday, January 18, 2013

Exciting Event at Vintage Marketplace on February 16th.

Click on the photo above for complete details of our special event:

25 Ways to Bring Vintage Into Your Home.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Vintage Marketplace at Tailgate/Music Valley-February 14-16, 2013

Back to the scene of the original for our Vintage Marketplace one year anniversary! Join us at the Hendersonville Expo Center for an amazing gathering of all things vintage and marketplace! Once again held in conjunction with the Tailgate/Music Valley Antiques Show. Stay tuned for a series of vendor profiles, complete show info as well as the usual surprises.