Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Christmas present from The Vintage Marketplace

We are thrilled to make an exciting announcement about the upcoming Vintage Marketplace. Sue Whitney, noted expert on everything Vintage & Junky, author and all around dynamo is coming to the show!! Her books (the Junkmarket Style series) have helped inspire the Vintage Revolution and added unique style to homes and lives everywhere. We are busy developing exciting events for the show with Sue and will have complete details coming up soon. Be sure to check out the incredible JunkMarket website to get inspiration and information.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Through the Eye of an Artist

I guess it was last week that I spoke with Jackie of Shambora Studios in Noblesville, Indiana but, it sure feels like it was only yesterday. I think time gets away from most of us during this busy holiday season. Jackie will be doing our Vintage Marketplace show at the Hendersonville Expo Center this February 2nd-4th and we couldn’t be more pleased about it. Many of you may know her from her shop in Noblesville, Indiana or from shows she does in and around Indianapolis or Chicago. And, if you don’t know her, you’ve got to meet her at the Vintage Marketplace. She’s a very interesting and talented lady, not to mention, a very busy lady as well.
In Jackie’s earlier days she worked in Visual Merchandising for a major department store. One look at her creations and the beautiful way in which she displays her inventory and you’ll see that she’s put her early training to good use. She has also been an exhibitor at some very prestigious, juried art shows in Indiana. Jackie says she has, “always had a passion for Vintage”. Her signature look has what she calls a “Nordic-French twist”. Make sure you check out her blog. It’s really gorgeous. I can’t wait to see what she does with her booth at the Vintage Marketplace.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

“Not Your Grandmother’s Rhinestones”

That’s how Ericka Cady, , described her unique style of recreated vintage jewelry to me this morning. Her business is called Imakdee’s Recycled Recreations. So, are you wondering about the name? I did too. Turns out, her married name is Cady, which folks usually pronounced “Caddy”. To clarify matters, soon after taking her husband’s name, she changed her internet moniker to “Imakdee” (I’m a Cady). Problem solved.
Ericka is an interesting woman who, in her former life, worked for the federal government, in a position which allowed for zero creativity…so frustrating. When her position was relocated to Washington D.C., she chose to remain in Westerville, OH. That’s when her passion became her full time business. She’s had a long-standing love for vintage jewelry and has been a collector for many years. About ten years ago she started to take pieces from her collection and “switch them up” by reconfiguring some of the elements of different pieces. She said her pieces usually appeal to “younger people who like cooler, funkier things”. Friends and co-workers loved what she was doing and asked her to recreate some of their family pieces in order to give them a more updated look. And, the rest is history.
Like me, Ericka says she’s getting pretty excited about the upcoming Vintage Marketplace this February 2nd-4th. It’s sort of like a second Christmas for us. We’re counting down the days.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Christmas time at the Urban Farmhouse.

Like me, and like most of you I’m sure, Lisa Maughmer, ,is swamped this time of year. She had her shop’s open house last weekend and was busy Christmas shopping when I finally reached her by phone. I love Christmas but there simply are not enough days in the month of December to get everything done. Lisa will be setting up at the Vintage Marketplace this February 2nd-4th and we are absolutely thrilled that she’ll be joining us. I wanted to spend a few minutes chatting with her, but with time being so precious in these last few days before the holidays I decided to simply email a list of questions to her. She was nice enough to respond so that I can share her thoughts with our blogging friends.
Me: So, Lisa, I'm wondering when you opened the Urban Farmhouse.
Lisa: I have owned my shop since May of 2005, went online with some items May,2008.
Me: Were you a dealer prior to opening you shop?
Lisa: I was not a dealer prior owning my store but have been going to auctions since I was 16. The shop has provided me with an outlet for my auction addiction :-)
Me: Has vintage always been the focus of your business or did you start out selling other types of antiques?
Lisa: Vintage is my primary focus and always has been except for the occasional older piece/antique. For me to buy those they have to have original paint with a farmhouse, 'lived in' charm, nothing in the way of museum quality.
Me: The photos of your shop and its front windows are so lovely. Do you have a background in art?
Lisa: Professionally my background is in residential property management. If you ask my parents they will tell you I was always bringing home the wayward and lost animals; puppies, turtles, rabbits and countless birds. I think my soft spot for cast offs started there. As I grew up it transitioned into vintage finds that, while they may not be especially valuable in the monetary sense, they still have aesthetic value. I still bring home the wayward dogs though.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I had a nice conversation with Theresa this afternoon. Although I’ve been following her blog, Time Worn Interiors we’ve never actually met face-to-face. I got the impression from her blog that was going to be clever, engaging and have a real sense of humor. I was right. You just have to look at the photo her Christmas tree to see what I mean. Her husband, Craig, put the tree together from a few mystery parts, but the funny thing is, she does her own welding when necessary. She says Craig married her because she owned a better welder then he did.
I asked her about the impact her blog has had on her business. “Huge, absolutely huge”, was her response. She loves that customers can see her merchandise on her blog. “I can let them know what shows I’ll be doing. Shoppers come to the shows for the merchandise they’ve seen on my blog. It’s a great form of advertising”. Make sure you look for her at The Vintage Marketplace this February.

Melissa Sands, Pure Vintage Chicago

I was really excited to hear that Melissa Sands, of Pure Vintage Chicago will be setting up at the debut of the Vintage Marketplace. We’ve spoken by phone but, I can’t wait to meet her in person and see what she brings to the show. I thought I was busy. Wow! She makes me feel like a slacker. She not only owns and operates Pure Vintage Chicago, she also does shows and she sells on Ruby Lane. Then there’s the North Shore Flea, her amazing pop-up market that literally “pops up” in whatever good location she finds around the north side of Chicago. You’ve got to follow her blog to see where her next market will be. How cool is that? What a way to heighten the adventure surrounding each market. Her newest undertaking is the Dallas (TX) Vintage Jewelry Show, which will also feature vintage clothing. Yep. She’s a woman after my own heart…always up for a new challenge.


When I talked to Carla Murphy yesterday she explained that when she works her magic on a great old piece of furniture she calls it “puttin’ pearls on her girls”. Now, I think I’m usually pretty “quick” but while I was still trying to figure out what she meant, she explained. “You know? When ladies put on their make up and get all fixed up? My daughter and I call that puttin’ on your pearls’.” She feels that all of her vintage pieces of furniture are girls so, when she transforms them and sets up a beautiful display; she’s “puttin’ pearls on her girls”. After all she says, “Putting on pearls gives a lady a whole new outlook on life”. I like that thought and you’ll probably hear me use it in the future. After all, who doesn’t need to put on their pearls every now and then?
Carla told me how thrilled she is about setting up at the Vintage Marketplace this February. She and her husband Calvin did the Music Valley Antiques Show for years before he accepted a position with a local Tennessee hospital. She said Calvin is a purist and dealt in antique pottery and “brown” furniture. Now Carla’s running the business her way. It’s vintage with a fun and feminine influence. As you’ll see by her booth, she’s talented and very creative. Sometimes a change can be like a breath of fresh air. She told me “Now this is where I fit in.” Yep, we agree

Sunday, November 27, 2011

About the Vintage Marketplace

The Vintage Marketplace is a resource for home, office, or shop.

On the cutting edge of Vintage, Art, Design, & Antiques; this group of exhibitors are inspiring the next generation of enthusiasts
with their unique style, energy, and determination to share what they love.

The Vintage Marketplace is a new feature of the long running Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques Show, a nationally established event with a reputation as one of America's best shows. The Vintage Marketplace will help move Tailgate-Music Valley into their new home, the Hendersonville Expo Center with an exciting inaugural event February 2-4, 2012.

Watch our blog as our event grows, click on the dealer profile link to learn about the passion our exhbitors bring to their businesses and our show. Make plans to join us today!