Wednesday, December 7, 2011


When I talked to Carla Murphy yesterday she explained that when she works her magic on a great old piece of furniture she calls it “puttin’ pearls on her girls”. Now, I think I’m usually pretty “quick” but while I was still trying to figure out what she meant, she explained. “You know? When ladies put on their make up and get all fixed up? My daughter and I call that puttin’ on your pearls’.” She feels that all of her vintage pieces of furniture are girls so, when she transforms them and sets up a beautiful display; she’s “puttin’ pearls on her girls”. After all she says, “Putting on pearls gives a lady a whole new outlook on life”. I like that thought and you’ll probably hear me use it in the future. After all, who doesn’t need to put on their pearls every now and then?
Carla told me how thrilled she is about setting up at the Vintage Marketplace this February. She and her husband Calvin did the Music Valley Antiques Show for years before he accepted a position with a local Tennessee hospital. She said Calvin is a purist and dealt in antique pottery and “brown” furniture. Now Carla’s running the business her way. It’s vintage with a fun and feminine influence. As you’ll see by her booth, she’s talented and very creative. Sometimes a change can be like a breath of fresh air. She told me “Now this is where I fit in.” Yep, we agree

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