Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's Christmas time at the Urban Farmhouse.

Like me, and like most of you I’m sure, Lisa Maughmer, http://urbanfarmhouse.blogspot.com/ ,is swamped this time of year. She had her shop’s open house last weekend and was busy Christmas shopping when I finally reached her by phone. I love Christmas but there simply are not enough days in the month of December to get everything done. Lisa will be setting up at the Vintage Marketplace this February 2nd-4th and we are absolutely thrilled that she’ll be joining us. I wanted to spend a few minutes chatting with her, but with time being so precious in these last few days before the holidays I decided to simply email a list of questions to her. She was nice enough to respond so that I can share her thoughts with our blogging friends.
Me: So, Lisa, I'm wondering when you opened the Urban Farmhouse.
Lisa: I have owned my shop since May of 2005, went online with some items May,2008.
Me: Were you a dealer prior to opening you shop?
Lisa: I was not a dealer prior owning my store but have been going to auctions since I was 16. The shop has provided me with an outlet for my auction addiction :-)
Me: Has vintage always been the focus of your business or did you start out selling other types of antiques?
Lisa: Vintage is my primary focus and always has been except for the occasional older piece/antique. For me to buy those they have to have original paint with a farmhouse, 'lived in' charm, nothing in the way of museum quality.
Me: The photos of your shop and its front windows are so lovely. Do you have a background in art?
Lisa: Professionally my background is in residential property management. If you ask my parents they will tell you I was always bringing home the wayward and lost animals; puppies, turtles, rabbits and countless birds. I think my soft spot for cast offs started there. As I grew up it transitioned into vintage finds that, while they may not be especially valuable in the monetary sense, they still have aesthetic value. I still bring home the wayward dogs though.


  1. I can't wait to meet Lisa! Her store is amazing!

  2. I went to the Rural Society Fall show this year and Lisa's displays and vintage finds are wonderful!