Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gypsy Temple/Woman Shops World at Vintage Marketplace

Carter Seibels and husband Aveesh Singh have been in the bead business for a combined total of 30 years.  Though their love of beads has never faded, the exhaustion and over-saturation of the market encouraged them to travel other paths.  When Aveesh, who is from India, took Carter on her first buying trip to India 2 years ago, their whole world changed!  Carter started filling her suitcases with colorful finds, both vintage and new.  She found all of these fabulous items that she needed to bring home and share with the US market (sari borders, harem pants, beaded slippers, to name a few).  Slowly the pair started growing their offerings, to include antique and vintage African textiles, more handicrafts from India and Nepal, Thai clothing, shoes, and accessories, and more.  And of course there is always a huge selection of vintage and antique African beads!

They now offer dog leashes handmade from recliamed saris, that give Nepalese women fair wages and independence. Embroidered garden and sun umbrellas from Rajasthan india, vintage Kantha quilts and bags made from vintage Indian fabrics.  Decorations from camels (pom-poms, camel blankets, their neck and ankle bells).

The response to these worldly goods has been overwhelming!  Aveesh and Carter are overjoyed at their customers' fascination with all of their colorful finds.  The two are having so much fun sharing all of their global treasures, they can hardly stop long enough to take the next big buying trip!
It's a world of handmade fabulousness, all under one BIG tent!

Make sure to visit Carter and Aveesh while shopping at Vintage Marketplace!!! You can also hear them speak on Saturday, September 15 at 1 PM. I'm sure you will enjoy!

Please visit their sites to learn more about this pair:

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