Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birds Gotta Fly...South, to Nashville

I’ve been in contact with Judith Mercado, BloomsburyLoft.blogspot.com , several times over the past few weeks and I’ve enjoyed getting to know a bit about her. Like all of us, she’s excited about the upcoming Vintage Marketplace and she’s working hard to get ready for the show.
Judith has been in the Vintage business for twelve years. She’s schooled in jewelry design, has been an interior designer by trade and was formerly employed as a Visual Merchandiser for several major department stores. She is, however, at heart an artistic, free spirit and, you know what they say…birds gotta fly. So, she went out, on her own, and started her retail business, Bloomsbury Loft. She loves the creative freedom and independence of being self employed and has never looked back. In a recent email this is how she described her unique perspective and creative approach to Vintage.
“My merchandise is a mix of fine handmades like jewelry, pillows, wreaths made using repurposed knits and wall decor with vintage furniture and trendy finds. My handmades are made using old and new materials. My aesthetics of choice are layers of patterns and contrast of light and dark colors dancing together. When designing linens I love mixing geometric patterns, vintage florals and oversized graphics. My jewelry line is romantic but edgy and when choosing vintage pieces and found objects I am drawn by a mix of industrial and classic furniture, but also incorporating bits of traditional antiques. In other words my style is defined by the perfect imperfection, unmatched, comfortable and fresh!”.
Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for the premier of the Vintage Marketplace. Just 15 days left to wait!


  1. Wow thank you Laurel for your kind words, can't wait to be there and meet you all!

  2. ok, I feel like Laurel and I have led parallel lives! Can't wait to meet you!

  3. Good luck with vintage marketplace event!! Bloomsbury loft jewelry is beautiful!!

  4. I am so excited to say I am coming to this event! Can't wait! I was wondering if you could recommend your choice for lodging. In a good area, close, etc. etc. I see the Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn recommended above. Would you recommend one or the other as being better? Thank you so much!

    Lou Cinda