Saturday, February 25, 2012

JunqueMagnet- aka Carrie Murphy

Wow! Our numbers are really growing for the Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Extravaganza this May. Everyone we’ve talked about it with is excited. That includes Carrie Murphy of JunqueMagnet. She’s a super busy soccer mom who says she can always make time during her hectic days to “pick” a yard sale or root through a good pile of junk. Earlier this month she traveled from her home in southwestern Ohio to Hendersonville, TN to shop the debut of the Vintage Marketplace at the Tailgate-Music Valley Antiques show. Of course, she loved the show and has turned in her contract to join us in May at the Extravaganza.
We talked for a while about how blogging can impact and direct style. Carrie believes that “the blogging community is a really amazing thing. The sharing of ideas and information is incredible. This is the way you get ‘twenty to thirty somethings’ out of the shopping malls and show them how to combine disparate items in decorating. It’s the art of creating a scene you can put yourself into. The ‘twenty to thirty somethings’ get it”. For Carrie blogging is way to talk about what she does and share her unique style. She believes it’s a way to grow and connected with like minded people. Can’t wait to see her booth at the Vintage Marketplace.


  1. Proud to know you Carrie Murphy. Good interview.

  2. looking forward to meeting you at the show in May Carrie Murphy....

  3. Hi Carrie,

    Nice interview. Sl looking forward to getting to know you at Vintage Marketplace in Springfield. We have some big fun in the making goin on here! See you in May...

    Take care,