Friday, February 17, 2012

"Count me in."

That’s the first thing Jackie Lines of Shambora Studio, told me when I mentioned our upcoming Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Extravaganza this May. She was thrilled, as we all were, with the success of our Vintage Marketplace at last month’s Tailgate-Music Valley Antique Show held at the Hendersonville Expo Center in Tennessee. In a word , she described the show as “fun”, and it really was. She loved the camaraderie and networking that took place with other artists both before and during the show. She and I were amazed that even though each booth had its own unique atmosphere, they all worked together to create a truly fresh and beautiful show. And Jackie reported strong sales, several of which were to shop owners who wanted to bring that fresh, updated look into their own shops. She felt the show got a great response from customers; that they understood they could work vintage pieces into any décor.
Jackie summed up the Vintage Marketplace by saying, “people were happy, everyone was smiling and having a good time”. Ahhh, that’s music to a show promoter’s ears.


  1. I'm thrilled to hear that Vintage Marketplace will be at May's extravaganza!! I await the extravaganza every May with the anticipation of a child dreaming for Christmas day, lol.. Reading that Vintage Marketplace will be attending just adds to the incredible excitement I already feel~

    I'll be there in May with bells on and look forward to meeting these incredible women!
    Thanks so much for your continued efforts to make each extravaganza better than the last, Jon~

    Michelle Bowen

  2. This is exciting news as I love going to that show and with Vintage Marketplace being there will be an extra plus!
    Count down to May has started!