Saturday, March 10, 2012

Histories is Making their Way to Vintage Marketplace!

Tracie and Lee Anderson
Industrial Enthusiasts & Vendors
Lee & Tracie's website:  Histories
Lee & Tracie's facebook Page:  Histories

Lee and Tracie are hitting the road again!! This time from their home in Wisconsin to Sprinfield, Ohio. Woo hoo! I am SO delighted that they will be joining us for the launch of Vintage Marketplace in Springfield. Lee and Tracie are one of most delightful (not to metion talented) couples you'll ever make sure you do! Histories is an offering of home accessories and furniture....of an industrial nature! Bits and parts of diverse backgrounds are blended to create pieces that will tickle you pink. Each creation has its own story to tell. Please take the time to look with your eyes, feel with your hands and listen to your heart, then you will know which piece belongs in your home. They are inspired  by their love of architectural, industrial and primitve elements. Take a peek at some of their unbelievable lighting an overall of their stlyish booth. AMAZING!

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