Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lisa of Urban Farmhouse is Back in the Saddle!

"Sharing the Beauty of Vintage" 
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Lisa with her sidekick Wil
The year was 1984 and passersby wondered why there was a young lady in a Honda Prelude with a sideboard/buffet strapped to the roof. At that time, Lisa had no idea that her 30 mile trip travelling 45 miles per hour on a major interstate with a large piece of furniture atop her tiny car would turn into a passion for finding unique and cool items and giving them new life. In fact, this inaugural piece of furniture was eventually sold at urban farmhouse nearly 30 years later after serving as a sideboard in her home, then as a changing table for her niece & nephew, and finally as a catch all in her front hall before finding its way to the shop.

Urban farmhouse’s “mission” is to share the beauty of vintage with all who visit. These pieces last. They withstand families, babies, pets, and even repeated family gatherings and, unlike us, look better as the years roll on. They are meant to be used because each scratch, notch, or dent represents memory and those are invaluable. These things were not meant to be disposable because they were made by craftsmen and can be re-invented and re-loved by someone else. Urban Farmhouse offers visitors the chance to find one of these for themselves and add their memories to the already rich history of these pieces.

There is a certain “feeling” people get when they visit Urban farmhouse. It is less about shopping than it is about finding that certain piece that you didn’t even know you wanted. There is a mix of old and new, things faded and chipped alongside less worn items…just like a family reunion of sorts. The French call it bricolage (using the materials at hand or made from diverse resources) and that is what Lisa strives for. It is about seeing things differently and showing folks that patina is a good thing...for both pieces at auctions and the people who buy them!

When it comes down to it, these pieces are not really different than people. They both have stories to share and Urban Farmhouse is where everyone & everything has a chance to tell them.

We are all so glad that Lisa is coming to Vintage Marketplace in Sprinfield, Ohio. She was a fabulous addition to its sister show in Nashville and we missed her a great deal in Minnesota at JUNKMARKET Under Glass. Lisa has some stories to tell! The poor girl was rushed to the hospital to have a kidney stone removed 4 hours into her trip to Minnesota. Gee whiz.... like a true junker she was texting from her hospital room asking about the show.  Apparently this did not keep our Miss Lisa down for long! She is up and at 'em already!! I know you are all with me when I wish Lisa the best and hope that she contiues to get healthier and stronger every day! 

Take a look at the images from Urban Farmhouse. She takes the same care of her booths as she does her store. Please stop by and get to know Lisa...she's a doll and her booth packs a whole lot of punch when it comes to creativity and style!

See you in Ohio, Lisa. No pitstops this time! :)

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