Saturday, March 24, 2012

JULZ Brings Her Buckles to Vintage Marketplace!

Julie Broshat
Belt Buckle Embellisher & Vendor
Julie's website: Julz

Julie as we have all seen is a talented young lady when it comes to putting wondeful belt buckles and other fashion accessories together. I am so pleased that she will be joining us at Vintage Marketplace in Springfield, Ohio this May. It promises to be a wonderful event filled fine vendors, great food, and tons of inspiration....not to mention fun!

She's from a family of 6 (4 brothers and a “sista”), wife, and mom to 3 boys. Wow!!! I'm tired already. She's been putz-ing with art for years. When the boys were little they always had a project going. As they got older and didn’t want to make snowman garland, sculpted masks (she still displays and LOVES them), and greeting cards she started coming up with her OWN projects. That eventually led her to embellishing belt buckles. She's always worn belts (needed to for the gaping back of her jeans… know what I mean???)...but they were pretty basic back then. She loves any and all accessories and thought to herself, “why not make a buckle a statement piece”! And that was the start of it all. She now embellishs all sorts of buckles with many different materials…old hardware, other metals, old jewelry and gemstones, rhinestones, and anything else she can find! Each buckle is an original and totally unique. She LOVES what she does and it shows! Now that the boys are in college she has more time to create. Woo Hoo!! She even has a "lucky" skirt she wears at the opening of each show. My how the tables turn!!

Julie's next stop is Vintage Marketplace in Springfield, Ohio. Make sure you pay her a visit while you are there. She'll have you all buckled up before you leave!

Here's a bit about the new "Julz" line from Julie herself!

Coat of Arms:

So weird....I am drawn to them. Possibly because of where I am in my life. It is about empowering myself...dealing with whatever gets thrown my way, etc...

Kind of deep...but art is my form of expression...I just didn't realize that it came out in buckles!!!

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