Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wren's Nest New to Vintage Marketplace!

Lisa Greene of The Wren's Nest
Transformer of Discards into Something Beautiful, & Vendor

Lisa Greene of The Wren's Nest is an amazing talent in the world of vintage and she is a delightful woman to boot. I recently had the pleasure of working with her at JUNKMARKET Under Glass and can say on good authority that everyone will enjoy what she has to offer! She has searched Minnesota for wild flowers, grasses and fallen wood…traveled across county and into Mexico, stopping wherever things looked interesting…gathering discards to transform into something beautiful to sell and share…She is inspired by the things she finds and the challenge to re-create them into something to cherish. A passion since she was small, absorbed from two creative parents, She went from Puppet Shows in the Park, to wreaths and potpourri at local markets, owned her own shops in Colorado and Maryland, and now The Wren’s Nest in Anoka. She loves to figure out how to do it…what she can do to make something prettier….that's what warms her heart!

I am delighted that Lisa is taking her show on the road to Vintage Marketplace. Make sure to visit her booth and get to know Lisa while you are at the show. You'll be oh so glad you did. See you in Springfield!!


Love Lisa's twist on the window greenhouse. Remember she likes to make things prettier...this is a great example of how she does it!



A burst of color is what we all need in Spring and that is just what Lisa will give you. I love her soy product! Just looking at this picture puts a "spring" in my step.


Who doesn't need cubbies? I for one can't find enough cubbies to house all of my teeny junk pieces. Ah,hahaha! Maybe I should consider less junk. No thanks...not today!


For those of you who know me I always's all in the details. Let me tell you...Lisa is a detail girl! This vintage basket all done up with grass, ivy and Quail eggs is just one example of the careful thought she puts into her vintage pieces and the way she presents them. Lisa will truly inspire you with all of her creative tips and ideas!

While visiting The Wren's Nest you will find both furniture and accessories. Lisa leaves no stone plan to stay awhile. You'll need to do that in order to soak up all the inspiration she provides!

My job as an author is to create environments that are inviting and that make you want to be there. Lisa understands this concept well. This is an overall image of a booth created by the amazing Lisa. Does it make you want to be there? I thought so. Me too! Lisa does a beautiful job of creating environments packed with the power of pretty!

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  1. absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so shabby of a few cabinets there. I love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!