Monday, March 19, 2012

Jolie Raimondo to Join Vintage Marketplace!

Jolie Raimondo
Artistic Woman & Vendor
Jolie Websites: Jolie Raimondo

Jolie is a decorative painter who's style ranges from folk to french country. She paints furniture,landscapes, animal portraits and more. She lives on a hobby farm in Waverly with her husband Gaston and her two children, Lucas and Olivia.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jolie about one year ago and was immediately impressed with the quality of her work. She has a true talent for painting and is passionate about giving discarded items a beautiful new life.

Jolie paints signs and stunning original paintings on reclaimed wood. It is truly amazing what this talented young lady can do with a piece of scrap wood pulled from the burn pile!

Her folk art pieces are sought after lovelies!!

Her die for! She creates one-of-a kind, affordable art for your home.

I've seen Jolie load up furniture in the rough to take home and transform. Many times I'm thinking to myself...good luck with that on Jolie. Ah, hahaha! She always has the last laugh because I kid you not...the ugly ducklings she picks up are always transformed into swans. Jolie has magic hands!

Jolie is a natural colorist. She knows just which ones to combine creating pieces of work that are saturated with yummy color!

Not only is Jolie talented, but she is a true delight. She always has a smile on her face and her glass is always way more then half full. Please make sure to visit Jolie at Vintage Marketplace. She'll put a smile on your face too. She spreads a whole lot of joy wherever she goes!

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