Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kathy and Terri of Nostalgia's Cottage are Gearing Up for Vintage Marketplace!

Please meet Kathy…She's a junkaholic - an old line, but so true (if you checked out her basement you’d know!)!!  She is the “blonde” half of “Nostalgia’s Cottage”, with her friend, Terri Osborne.

Her mom (a single mom of 5) has always been a collector of garage sale knick-knacks and and is a firm believer of “making do” with what can be found on a very tight budget. Kathy has definitely inherited that gene!  She claims to not remember when it all started. What she does remember is as a child always begging for old things from her grandma, collecting rocks, and Avon bottles. Now there's a combo!! From there she just kept going! She refinished her first piece of furniture when she was 18....the rest is history!!

Together, Terri and Kathy scour garage sales, thrift stores, fleamarkets, barns…or almost anywhere to find “treasures”.... and sometimes trash. Everyone needs a little trash in their life! They recreate/repurpose their finds into one-of-a-kind jewelry, collages, assemblage, furniture, and home and garden décor. They are always looking for a new way to “change it up”! 

The duo has sold at Springfield for about 9 years, and have enjoyed each and every show. They have a blast together, and have made many friends over the years....customers and vendors alike. According to Kathy, junk is truly a friend magnet.  

For Kathy and Terri it is the love of all things old, memories of the past, and being able to bring new life to a piece that keeps them going and going AND GOING!

The $$$ they have made selling their wares has financed annual girls' summer "junkets" along the World's Longest Yard Sale trail...and other exciting places.They plan on hitting the great state of Michigan this summer!!  So you see, it is a vicious circle of treasure hunting for themselves and their customers!

They sell at other shows throughout the year and together we have had absolutely the most junk fun at JUNKMARKET Style shows, the Country Living Fair in Ohio...and then there was that little trip to Oronoco...oh my gosh!!! What happens in Oronoco stays in Oronoco!

We are delighted that Kathy and Terri will be dealers in the inaugural Vintage Marketplace at the Springfield Extravaganza.  Every time they set up for a show, they joke that “this is going to be their best booth ever”! I'm sure it will be …so stop by and see! I understand their basements, lofts, and storage units are already starting to overflow with vintage junk goodness!!

Kathy is a past contributor of JUNKMARKETStyle -

Check out Kathy's blog. It's named after her mother, Sylvia...because she is…after all – SylviaS VintagE DaughteR -


  1. looking forward to seeing you kathy!!!!

    1. Right back at ya Julie! We're all gonna have BIG fun!!!

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