Monday, April 23, 2012

A Royal Nest

The mother & daughter team known as A Royal Nest have owned three ‘brick & mortar’ vintage shops and are accustomed to offering quite a large variety of styles & items for the vintage buyer. They combine rustic with cottage- to ‘girly’ Victorian (and everything in between).
Gloria (mom) has been a published artist for 18 years, painting & designing for reproduction companies. She is a mixed media artist, who, at present is specializing in ‘repurposed’ vintage, wearable art, jewelry & accessories, one of a kind display pieces, & artistic collectibles, including gothic Halloween. More information on Gloria’s art can be found on her blog by clicking here.
Amy (daughter) is an artist, designer, home stylist, and admirer of vintage and unusual items. She enjoys buying unique items for resale and specializes in cottage, French, Steampunk, and designs with a ‘European’ flair. “The ‘thrill of the hunt’ and shopping for the unusual is my favorite part of the job”, says Amy. She also enjoys painting, repurposing, and altering vintage pieces to be used in the home. Amy’s designs are often inspired by her love of nature. From owning vintage shops, doing specialty art shows, or designing and styling homes, Gloria & Amy have been involved in almost every aspect of the vintage & art worlds. They have been painting, creating, & repurposing in preparation of the Vintage Marketplace and are very excited to offer their unique items at the May show. Visit their blog for updates of what they are preparing for the show

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