Friday, April 6, 2012

Vintage Marketplace Welcomes Ericka Cady

Allow us to introduce Ericka Cady...jeweler extraodinaire! Ericka first started designing jewelry over 10 years ago. She began by collecting vintage jewelry from antique shows and "changing them up".  She didn't want the same vintage look as everyone else....she was after unique.  Ericka's office co-workers requests and strangers raving over her jewelry inspired her to start re-designing vintage pieces on a regular basis. 

As with any obsession, she quickly became a hoarder of vintage jewelry. I think we all know the feeling!! Antique shows, home jewelry parties, gift giving and custom orders have made her obsession a full time job.  Now her daughters, ages 10 and 11, are interested in the family business...even if only for the sparkly rhinestones and long dangling earrings.Ya gotta hook 'em in early!

Getting the younger generation interested in their inherited, dusty jewelry box from grandma is what motivates her.  Ericka was unable to inherit her own grandmother's extensive costume jewelry collection, so she had to create her own treasure chest of baubles. She now reaps the rewards by making a new family heirloom for someone else when they purchas her stunning recycled creations.

Ericka will be under the cover of the big white tents at Vintage Marketplace. Stop by, meet Ericka, and take home an heirloom of your own! To learn a little more about this charming and uber talented young lady...visit her blog and Etsy shop.

Before you go...take a look at some of the beautiful baubles by Ericka! With each dealer profile I do I get more excited for May. How about you...are you with me?? See ya soon!

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  1. hi erica,
    looking forward to seeing you!!!!!