Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our action packed Vintage Marketplace Schedule

Welcome to Springfield Extravaganza 
May 2012!!!
         Introducing the all new….....
Vintage Marketplace

On the cutting edge of Vintage, Art, Design & Antiques; this select group of exhibitors will inspire the next generation of enthusiasts with their unique style, energy and determination to share what they love

The Expert is in the House:

JUNKMARKETCreate Your Own Style, One Piece of Junk at a Time

Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET and JUNKMARKET Style is the nation’s industry leader in “junk” style. What is “junk” style? It is the combination of roadside acquisitions, flea market finds, vintage for 400 please, and antiquities all wrapped up in one very stylish, affordable, green, and user friendly lifestyle package. The world is ever changing…JUNKMARKET stays abreast of those changes and offers fresh, innovative, and approachable concepts for you and your home. From the beginning (over thirteen years ago) the original JUNKMASTER had a vision: to pursue her passion and share it with others. That’s something she will never transform.

Special Guest:

FOLK MagazineSharing the American Dream

We are all about REAL AMERICAN LIVING: the country, sweet tea, indie music, antiques, road trips, small towns, comfort, home, artists, locally grown and locally made, one-of-a-kind art, open spaces, photography, patriotism, simple living.... and the little things. FOLK Magazine will be joined by 15 plus specialty vendors and can be found in the FOLKbarn all three days. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

Featured Vendors:
The Vintage Marketplace is chock full of fine vendors oozing with style and offering up the finest vintage wares anywhere. Here are just a few…Urban Farmhouse, Time Worn Interiors, Histories, Vintage Farmhouse, and Nostalgia's Cottage. Check back often…we will be highlighting different vendors regularly!

Friday, May 18, 2012

7AM to Noon: Early Bird Shopping; Admission $12…good for all 3 days.

You know what they say…”The Early Bird Gets the Worm”! This is a great value for all you serious shoppers. See you at daybreak!

10:00AM to Noon: Painting Demo and Shop-Along with the Expert

A special deal for all early birds in the mood for some education…and a whole lot of fun! Join the folks from Annie Sloan Paints at the JMS & Friends Design Booth and watch and learn how to transform a vintage piece of furniture from beast to beauty. Immediately following, join JUNKMASTER, Sue Whitney in a crash shopping course. Wear you’re running shoes…she knows how to make her way around a market. This is not a museum tour with headphones, so be ready to rumble! You can expect prizes and giveaways…stay tuned for the nitty-gritty!

Noon to 6PM: Regular Shopping; Admission $7

Bring on the crowds and let the next wave of the party begin!

4:00 PM to 5:30 PM: Blogger and Friends Pot-Luck Party

Once again, make your way to the JMS and Friends Design Booth. JUNKMASTER, Sue Whitney along with Jon Jenkins, Lanette Lorsung, Amanda Ficek, and Kathy Stantz (local vendor and blogger) will be your expert panel and impart their collective wisdom in the art of having fun! Beverages will be provided by your hosts…but you have a job too…bring your own junk! What does this mean? This is what we like to call a “junkers’” pot-luck. Bring a munchable to pass in a creative container ala junk. You can drop your dish at the JMS booth when you get to the show or bring it with you when you come to the party. The table will be set by Sue Whitney and the merriment will commence at 4 PM. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative containers! 

6:30 PM to 8:30 PM: Barn Dance - Boot, Scoot, n’ Boogie!

Join Jon Jenkins and Sue Whitney for the first ever Boot, Scoot, n’ Boogie Barn Dance at Springfield Extravaganza.  Details are in the works….stay tuned as the saga unfolds. Just a heads up…cowboy/girl get-up is strongly encouraged, but not required! Prizes just may be involved….just saying

Saturday, May 19, 2012

8AM to 5PM: Shopping

8AM to Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner: Vintage Marketplace Treasure Hunt

From opening bell to discovery of the hidden treasure ….a Treasure Hunt will take place under the tents of Vintage Marketplace. You will uncover clues at each of the individual dealer booths…but you have to ask! A prize will be awarded to the lucky treasure hunter who is the first to find the “booty”. Consider that your first clue! Treasure maps can be picked up at the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design Booth upon arrival. Good luck to all!!

10:30AM to 11:30AM: Summer Entertaining with Sue… JUNKMARKET Style

Summertime is the perfect time to entertain your friends and families either indoors or out. Be our guests at the JUNKMARKET Style & Friends Design Booth for an interactive demonstration on how to set your summertime tables in three different ways. Katie Palmer of SoBo Style an Ohio local will be Sue’s featured guest. Watch and learn as table tops become works of art using something old, something new, something borrowed, and maybe even something blue…or green or orange or red. Only time will tell. Attend this presentation and you WILL become the host/hostess with the moistest. See you there!

1:30 – 2:30: Vintage Bingo

Please join your host of Vintage Marketplace, Jon Jenkins, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, and the folks of FOLK Magazine, in the FOLK barn for a folksy game of vintage Bingo. Now there’s a tongue twister. Enjoy a meet and greet, play the time honored game of Bingo, and maybe even win a prize. BINGO!! 

4:00PM to 5:00PM: Stump the JUNKMASTER

Feel free to bring your finds of the day to the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design booth for some expert advice. Did you find something you just had to have, but not quite sure what to do with it?? We’d love to help you out with some creative solutions. First come, first serve!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

9:00AM: Final Shopping Day Begins

9:30AM: “Final Stretch” Prize Drawing

Kick start your day with Jon Jenkins of Vintage Marketplace, Sue Whitney of JUNKMARKET Style, and a representative from FOLK Magazine before you’re off and shopping the final day! Coffee and donuts will be served and a drawing for the “Final Stretch” prize drawing will take place. Entries for the “Final Stretch” prize will be accepted throughout the show, but you must be present at the show on Sunday to win!! The festivities will be held at the JUNKMARKET & Friends Design Booth. Space and donuts are limited, so get there early!!! 

4:00PM: Closing Bell

Until we meet again….Thank You All!!!


  1. Ahhh so much fun it almost hurts! It's going to be a busy, busy, busy weekend!

    Quick question regarding the admission pricing...

    If we pay the $12 for the 3 days of early bird entry... will we have to leave out of the fairgrounds and pay the $7 regular shopping admission for the noon till 6pm? or can you pay the $7 when you buy your early bird admission? Orrrr better yet, do you just get to stay within the fairgrounds once you've already got in?

    Sorry haha, I guess that wasn't just a quick question. I just like to have a game plan! Gotta work admission and travel expenses into the budget! haha

    Hope to see you all there! ❤

  2. If you buy the early bird ticket- that is good for the rest of the weekend. $12 for all three days.

  3. Hi - this probably isn't the best place to ask this - but are there still booth spaces available for the Springfield Show in a couple weeks? If there are, and you'd like to contact me, my email address is
    Thank you SO much.

  4. Where will you be located?

  5. Hi! My girlfriends and I are "newbies" to this show...we are sooooo excited! Any advice for us? Attire, things to bring, where to start? Will there be a specific section that your booth will be located? Will there be a map online to view in advance, of the fairgrounds/vendor layout? We are coming from Michigan, and are bringing my hubby's pick up. We hope to look like Sanford & Son on the way home! LOL! Thanks in advance for any tips and advice!!!