Monday, April 2, 2012

The Vintage Farmhouse Headed to Vintage Marketplace

Nicki grew up spending summers at the home of her Dad's boss. The boss's wife decorated with a white palette, french provincial furniture, and tons of pretty crystals. She was an AMAZING woman! She played cards, smoked a pipe (yes indeed!), and never let shoes be worn in the house on her white carpet. She did however... always have a fresh homemade cake on hand along with a pitcher of sweet tea. Memories of this wonderful woman and her impeccable taste in home decor stuck with Nicki throughout her childhood years and on into adulthood. Today, these memories are Nicki's inspiration. Nicki has what she refers to as a "barely there budget". I think we all know that feeling! This has taught Nicki how to work with what she has to make things beautiful. She is a believer that decorating doesn't have to be expensive or scary! Re-purpose, re-use and have fun! I think that is a fabulous motto!

Please help us welcome Nicki Winkles from The Vintage Farmhouse to Vintage Marketplace in Springfield, Ohio. I know I am very excited to see what this lovely woman has in store and I bet you are too! Make sure to stop by and say hello to Nicki. To learn more about nicki and The Vintage Farmhouse visit her at or on FB! Take a look atthe lovely images below. Pictures sometime speak louder than words!!

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